How To Play Dodgeball

Toddler FunHere at JumpIn, we regularly host dodgeball games and tournaments at our trampoline park London – and in 2016 we’ll be on a mission to encourage more players to join our leagues to keep fit and have fun!

Many people love the idea of trying out a new team sport – but just as many have no idea how to play dodgeball! So we thought we’d put together a simple guide to the sport, with a summary of the rules, the scoring system, the teams and many other elements. If you’ve ever considered giving dodgeball a try, you can start right here by brushing up on the basics!

The objective
The main objective of dodgeball is to eliminate all of the players on the opposing team. This is done by throwing one of four game balls at them – if it hits them anywhere below the shoulders, they’re out.

At our
dodgeball London league, we play with teams of six, with a bench of substitutes that can be used too.

The beginning of the game
Every game starts with two balls on the centre line of the court. Each team is also given a ball. After the whistle is blown to start the game, there’s a five second grace period where balls can’t be thrown, to allow players to get into tactical positions or make a dash for the balls on the centre line.

Eliminating players
The most common way to be eliminated is to be hit by a ball thrown by a member of the opposing team. But if the opposing team member throws the ball and you manage to catch it, rather than it bouncing off you, that means they’re out – and you have the power of the ball! In some leagues, this also means that the player that caught the ball can bring back one of their eliminated team mates.

Players can also be eliminated if they cross the centre line, or if they hit a player above the shoulders.

The five-second rule
If one team has all four balls, they can’t hold onto them for more than five seconds – they must attempt to hit one of the opposing team. If they don’t, they could be asked to select one player to be voluntarily eliminated as a punishment.

Timing and winning
Our dodgeball league holds games of [please insert minutes] in length. Obviously the team that eliminate their opponents the fastest is the winner – but if the time runs out without a team winning outright, the game will be given to the team with the most members still on the court. If there are equal numbers on both teams, the game is called as a draw.

So there you have it – it’s not so complicated after all! Dodgeball is really easy to understand, with no complex or sophisticated rules that take a long time to decipher. If this article has got you ready and raring to take up dodgeball, don’t forget to sign up to one of our leagues, running throughout 2016!




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