Jump for Your Fitness

With New Year resolutions a plenty just around the corner, many will be looking to take a grasp of their fitness in 2016. But have you given thought to how you’re going to achieve this? The standard approach is to sign up to a gym membership and then for as long as you can muster the enthusiasm, drag yourself down and wait in line with the horde of other determined souls for a treadmill to free up.
The nitty gritty truth of the matter is that many fitness journeys fail due to the lack of enjoyment on offer via the standard routes of exercise. Hours on the cardio machines can be a very lonely experience. And even with the strongest of will powers, forcing yourself to do something that becomes more of a chore than a positive break from the office or day to day stresses can doom a new fitness regime to fail before it’s had chance to get going. After all, no-one wants to drag themselves out on cold, dreary January rain and snow to do something they loathe. It’s been proven that fitness classes for considerably better for many by providing a structured approach to training sessions as well as adding a fulfilling social aspect. Classes allow you to join with others on your fitness journey instead of going it alone – which can be an important motivating factor when sheer will power and determination start to wane.
At our indoor trampoline parks, we combine the structure and social aspect of classes with our unique jump for fitness approach to cardio training. Fitness doesn’t need to be dull. Get fit while having fun and actually burn more calories per hour than jogging… three times more in fact! Our Jump Fitness classes are taught by friendly, professional instructors at our top of the range trampoline park.
Not only does jumping burn more calories than the typical jogging workout, but it also heavily reduces stress on the joints. Meaning you can give your body an intense workout without having your knees regret it for the rest of the week. Not only this, but jumping is a superb way to indirectly improve core strength and stability, so you can get a stronger, more balanced core without doing endless agonising crunches.
Our fitness classes at our indoor trampoline parks in Slough and Warwick run Monday to Friday at set times and we have more than 4 different classes to choose from dependant on your fitness goals and what you find the most fun.
Work up a sweat with a smile instead of a frown and give your body a unique workout that will melt away fat like never before without being tedious and never repetitive. So before you sign up to a typical gym contract to tackle your 2016 goals, try jumping for your fitness and see for yourself the difference it makes to train unique and achieve that low fat defined body you’ve got your sights on.
If you really want a leaner and fitter body, don’t jog slowly uphill, jump for it!

Resource:  JumpinJumpin


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