Why Jumping at a Trampoline Park is Safer than Garden Trampolines?

Trampoline ParkLooking for a way out to de-stress yourself from your monotonous schedule? That’s much required indeed. Trying out something new would refresh your day. How about visiting a trampoline park? It might turn out to be an ultimate fun destination for you and your kids. These kinds of parks offer a wide range of activities that helps you not only relax but also have a great work out session. Moreover, jumping together calls for a great family time. Now a doubt may arise whether to go for indoor trampolines or garden trampolines. It is any day better to choose an indoor arena over garden trampolines; it ensures more safety. Read on to know why you should make that choice: 

  • Space for a Lot of Activities: An indoor trampoline park provides a wide area to carry out your favourite activity. Be it a dodgeball game or a basketball slam dunk, you have a capacious floor to jump, bounce and play. While the garden trampoline area is restricted and the surface being a bit rough, you might sustain injury. You surely wouldn’t like that. Besides, you can only enjoy fewer activities with a lot of risk involved. There will surely be more than one person with you inside the area. The collision might turn out to be dangerous, as there is not much space.
  • All Time Protection: Kids are known to create mess around. And handling them is way too difficult, especially when they are in the middle of the game. Here comes the need of a qualified team of professionals who can handle them without spoiling their mood. Talking about the equipment, soft pads are any day safer when compared with garden trampolines. If a kid sustains any kind of injury, the professional staff is available on the floor to reach with a First Aid box immediately. The team is made to look after a large group all at once. On the contrary, staff at a garden trampoline may go casual after every bit, due to open surroundings. This might lead to a small injury or a big accident.
  • Every Facility is Near To You: A trampoline park is established keeping in mind the vicinity from many important locations i.e. airport, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. On the contrary, garden trampolines might not think of such locations while considering opening an entertainment place. Let us take a situation where a mishap has occurred, the administration team will take necessary steps, to resolve it. But the garden trampoline may create chaos at the time of such incidents.
  • Division of Age Group: There is a big difference between a toddler and a teenager. And, if they are asked to play together on a trampoline, there are high chances of injuries. Many activities require parental guidance and experts’ advice. The indoor trampolines have a section or timing dedicated to a certain age bar. It is always better for the kids to mingle with the same age group while playing. Talking about garden trampolines, you will see different age group kids competing or playing together which might not be advisable.
  • Quality and Standard Material: With the kids’ activities in the picture, the company proposing to establish a trampoline park is expected to use the material of the highest quality. To start with, a soft trampoline wall along with standard padding is required. Besides, the safety nets should be standard enough to ensure a safe fall. An indoor arena ensures almost everything with a quality stamp on it whereas you cannot be sure the material and equipment used at garden trampolines can be safe for your kids.

If you are looking for a good surprise for your kids, Jump In Trampoline Park in UK is perfect. Strategically located in the Slough area and covering 32,000 square feet, it is definitely capacious for your children to play, jump or bounce. The arena is perfectly equipped with standardised material, sturdy equipment and well-trained personnel. You can enjoy a number of activities ranging from a dodgeball game and freestyle jump to basketball slam dunk. While your kids make the most of their time, you can initiate a heartily conversation over a cup of coffee at our lounge. If you have any such requirement in your mind, our fun experts are all ears to make it happen for you, as per your convenience.


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